Customer focused organisation with an undying commitment to serve its customers with world class products. Over the years its growth has been an outcome of the support and belief of its customers in its abilities to source and market world class products. Quest prides itself on quick reaction time to its customers needs by being able to plug the gaps in sourcing for its customers.

Quest represents the eternal search for excellence . Excellence through better products, better systems, better deliveries and better service, with the eventual aim of adding value to the customer.



Global supplier network: our existing relationships are with leading manufacturers from China , Italy , France , Germany and Thailand . Our Principals have a reputation of being world leaders in their fields and their products enjoy the confidence of one and all.

Strong customer relationships: Quest has a presence in every major manufacturing industry and we pride ourselves on the strong connect with our customers. Some of our relationships span over two decades and are a testament of the faith and trust of our customers in us. Time and again we have won the confidence of our customers with our quality products, quick reaction time and prompt service.

Our future : As India ushers in a new era of economic growth and prosperity, it comes as no surprise that leading manufacturers from across the world want to be a part of the India story. Quest is an ideal partner that can be relied upon to develop, nurture and grow their business in India .

For our customers it is a time of growth, expansion and diversification. Quest shall go hand in hand by constantly improving our product portfolio and making sure it matches their requirement.

It is our hope and wish that our products and services would be of interest to you and we look forward to receiving your inquiries, expressions of interest, which we assure you will receive our best attention.

Quest Consolidated Services Pvt Ltd, 207, Shah & Nahar (Worli) Light Industrial Estate, Dr. E Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai 400018, India. Tel: +9122 66346570